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  • Titill er á ensku Advertising to the Japanese consumer. Japanese advertising culture examined
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    Globalization has paved the way for branching markets, allowing products to be advertised and sold in countries with different cultures and traditions. Different cultures, however, most probably have different values and when marketing the same product across cultural boundaries, companies need to adapt their advertising strategies in order to appeal to a specific population. My goal is to gain cultural insight into Japanese society by attempting to find out which is the most effective way for a “westerner” to introduce and advertise a product in Japan. I will need to define and examine the theories of cross-cultural advertising, inspect the norm for local Japanese advertising, and finally determine what strategies to use based on cultural insight. I will consider the different categories of advertisements in Japan, and approach them from a cultural perspective in order to figure out what values are being promoted, and find out if these values correlate with cultural values typically shown in western cultures, with American advertisements serving as the standard for comparison. The reason this comparison will be limited to America, is because according to Rose, Bush, and Kahle, professors of marketing (1998)“Japan and the United States have the largest economies and are arguably the most sophisticated consumer cultures in the world”, which supports the basis of this limitation for the comparison. Also, according to InterBrand (2009), U.S. and Japanese company brands comprise more than four-fifths of the top 100 brands with worldwide presence. For these reasons, cross-cultural comparisons in regards to advertising involving Japan, are rarely made between European countries, with analysts choosing the U.S. as a representative of the west (Okazaki, S., Mueller, B. & Taylor, C. R. ,2010).

  • 12.5.2014

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