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  • Yakuza: History of the Yakuza
  • Bachelor's
  • The main purpose of this essay is to examine how the Japanese mafia, the yakuza, came to be. Before I started writing this paper, I did not know much more than the general public about the yakuza, so I wanted to find out a bit more about them, for example whether there were any groups in the past that were similar to the yakuza today, and whether these groups might be considered the ancestors of the yakuza, or whether a point of origin could be found in their history. I will chiefly research two groups, the bakuto and the tekiya, as the main groups which might have merged and become the modern day yakuza. I will also look at three other groups that might have relevance to the yakuza. Although these groups do have considerable importance for the development of the yakuza, they are more likely to have merged with the two main groups before they turned into the yakuza.
    As well as looking at the origins of the yakuza, I will also research these groups’ inner workings and the characteristics of their members, such as the incredible loyalty they have to each other, the way they self-amputate their fingers as a form of apology to their boss, as well as the tattoos that are heavily associated with the yakuza.

  • May 12, 2014
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/18070

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