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  • Titill er á ensku Design and development of EYK. A data management system for geographically distributed data sources
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    A custom data management system is currently in use at Reykjavik Energy. While being an excellent data management system, the system has some usability issues. These issues are addressed and improved upon in the design of EYK. EYK is a web application which is designed as a framework. EYK shows assets at their geographical locations on an interactive map. Assets are grouped by their types where each type has its own plugin in the framework. When an asset is selected on the map, its data is shown by a custom collection of apps. Each app is a module which can be added or removed from the system without interfering with the rest of it. Each module provides a single, isolated functionality. Some manage a specific type of data while others visualize or process data. When customizing their system, customers select which modules are used with which types of assets. To connect to other databases EYK employs a second type of plugin. This plugin is used to interface with databases or data sources and scrape their data into EYK’s own database. When specifying their plugins, customers can choose whether data is stored in EYK or if an interface is made to an external database. Data from a database interface is kept up to date by scraping data with a defined frequency.
    The framework of EYK was successfully developed during this project along with a few example plugins. These are demonstrated at

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  • 28.5.2014

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