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  • Titill er á ensku Can self-focused questions inspired from a coaching technique help create a new self-help entertainment genre?
  • Maí 2014
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    Singing and the happiness of other human beings are major motivators in my in life. After I was introduced to the tools of coaching I found a way to create an outlet for my singing, a sense of independence and a feeling of contributing good to the world.
    My goal was to write stories to match a certain type of music (different for each project) and convey some constructive message. My goal being, that by identifying with the hero of the story, we may be better equipped to make decisions in our own lives. To play with surprise and use the coaching method to generate honest answers from the audience about themselves and their challenges and passions in life.
    A famous award winning Icelandic writer once said: “It is my believe that fairytales try to tell us something about what we are. Fairytales are full of stereotypes and archetypes that reflect reality. Sometimes hidden and sometimes obvious. Fairytales take us further than reality can.” (Andri Snær Magnason, 2014)
    With inspiration from Andri Snær, it was my vision and my innovative practice, to create a term and content for something that could be called "Coaching-tainment". An artistic experience that not only swept you off your feet, made you cry, laugh or at least smile and get goose bumps but most importantly, got you thinking. It also gave you time to speak to yourself, be kind and honest with yourself and to set goals on paper.
    Not only did this make for an innovative idea but also gave me a chance to communicate different types of music that I loved, to a public that, for example, would perhaps not choose to go to a "Icelandic folk music concert" but would be willing to hear the story of "What's beyond the horizon" which "apparently had a modern twist".
    These pages will unfold my quest for this new art form, search for new singing techniques and content and discuss five successful productions written in this innovative practice.

  • 10.6.2014

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