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  • Titill er á ensku Implementing programming methods in the process of designing typefaces : a designers point of view
  • Bakkalár
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    This thesis explores why designers use programming methods in typeface design, both for speeding up the process of the design itself and for adding an extra dimension to the typeface, more conceptually and for clearly professional purposes. During the process of writing the thesis the author interviewed six graphic designers from five different countries to get a wide range of opinions on various matters related to the purpose of parametrized type design and technologies in typeface design. The answers were used as a driving force for the research and then referenced throughout the thesis. The conclusion was that programming and various plugins within font editors are currently being widely used by professional type designers and usage of them is a good way to customize ones workflow when designing type, especially when the font family gets larger. In that context parametrized font editors are discussed resulting in conclusion that those kinds of applications, as they exist today, will not become standard — though with progressions and enhancement they might. What is unfortunate about the parametrized applications the author found is that they are not flexible enough, mainly because they all start out with a base font designed by the font developer. Therefore the outcome from such applications might become more influenced by the tool than desired. Conceptual experiments with typography, often with interdisciplinary emphasis, tend to raise questions and conclusions not directly related to typeface design, but in the authors opinion involving typeface design in conceptual experiments is an interesting way to approach subjects and additionally brings important conclusions to various matters which in can affect design and other disciplines in numerous ways.

  • 18.6.2014

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