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  • Titill er á ensku Multinational Corporations versus Corporate Social Responsibility : the case of Russian oil Multinational Corporations
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    This research is structured in five parts (chapters).
    Chapter One provides a general overview of MNCs, what they constitute and their potential as legal persons as well as examines their role in business transaction as a non-state actor.
    Chapter Two illustrates the foundation, history and birth of the CSR movement. It explains the motives of its propagators in addition to its role and relationship to MNCs and the law.
    Chapter Three contextualizes and assesses the place and status of CSR in Russia with specific focus on two major Russian oil MNCs: Rosneft and Lukoil. I x-ray the risks and responsibilities involved in oil exploration and the related challenges of implementing identified CSR practices by the various stakeholders.
    Chapter Four outlines some existing legal and regulatory frameworks in Russia as well as investigates its degree of compliance and implementation through court proceedings and other corrective measures.
    Chapter Five provides findings and recommendations.

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  • 26.8.2014

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