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  • Titill er á ensku Feasibility study on the application of BIM data for facility management
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    As the BIM method gains momentum in the construction industry during design and construction phases of construction projects, operators and facility managers have not realised what benefits the method can bring them during the operational phase. This thesis aims at clarifying how BIM can be used for facility management and how the method can be standardized so that BIM models can be applied directly to facility management systems. It will explore how information is collected during buildings life cycle and how information is applied to the central BIM model by different project participants with different native BIM applications. A particular and qualitative research was conducted to locate problem areas within the method. The findings where that BIM is well suited for facility management and can enhance the operational phase by providing a solid information data source for the facility manager. There will however be obstacles to overcome in regards to technology but mainly in regards to changing building processes as fully integrated central BIM requires a major change in project participant’s behaviour and working methods. As the BIM method becomes more adopted on building projects building owners will demand that the models can be used during the operational phase so providers of facility management systems will have to adapt to the method and in so provide building owners with a facility management BIM tools so the method can be used during the operational phase.

  • 27.8.2014

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