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  • Titill er á ensku Technical changes in the golf swing after metronome training
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    Introduction: The golf swing appears to be a simple motor action, but is actually one of the more complicated motor actions in sports. The action requires coordination of many muscles, joints and the nervous system as well as precise timing. The element of timing has been seen as one of the key factors for successful execution of the golf swing. However it has not been clear how to train timing or what the effects of improved timing on the golf swing itself are. The goal of this research was to examine whether interactive metronome training could improve the golf swing, in terms of golf shot distance, accuracy and golf swing techniques particularly angle of attack, swing plane horizontal and club strike (club path). Method: The study used a single subject design. A pre-test for metronome skills in 14 different exercises established the baseline, as well as a pre-test for golf shot accuracy and length of golf shot, as measured using one’s own golf club on one hand, and an optimum golf club on the other. Data were gathered from a shot length grouping radius, the angle of attack, the horizontal swing plane, the club strike (club path) and the smash factor. Interactive metronome training was performed 10 hours a week over a period of seven weeks wherein pre and post-tests were conducted. Results: After metronome training intervention, there was indication of difference in shot accuracy and length. There was also evidence of improvement in the angle of attack and the horizontal swing plane club strike which further resulted in improved smash factor.
    Conclusion: Metronome training can probably improve shot accuracy and length, angle of attack, horizontal swing plane, club strike and smash factor. Keywords: Metronome training, golf, golf accuracy, motor timing.

  • 28.8.2014

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