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  • Titill er á ensku Using the Mindfulness method with children
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    The objective of this study towards the B.Ed-degree was to gather information about the mindfulness method. The focus was on the various ways that mindfulness can be used and what are the benefits in relation to stress and negative emotions among children. Also focus was on the positive benefits that mindfulness is shown to have on children´s learning and general well-being at preschool and school ages. The thesis is based on reviewed literature about the subjects of mindfulness and the use of mindfulness with children. Children do not share the same ability to deduce as adults do when they are stressed, have difficulties in concentrating, and face negative emotions and do not have the knowledge about how they should handle it. This is why children need assistance in dealing with their emotions. To my opinion, mindfulness works as s reckoned and useful tool in assisting children to deal with subjects related to their emotional intelligence and inner strength and in general, it helps them to deal with their emotions. Mindfulness is often referred to “a state of being aware and present in the moment without judging and examining it overmuch.”(Willard, 2013.) This describing sentence of mindfulness is also valid when children are the target group. As it indicates in this thesis, usage of mindfulness as a tool in reducing the stress and other behavioral problems, increasing the learning and mental, emotional and physical well-being among children, has shown positive outcomes. Practical examples of exercises in how to use mindfulness in the staff with children are presented as the thesis proceeds.
    Key words: mindfulness, children, stress reduction, anxiety, children´s well-being

  • 25.11.2014

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