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  • Belbin's Team role theory applied to musicgroups
  • Master's
  • Can R Meredith Belbin´s team role theory be applied to applied to music groups? Could team role behavior have a impact on team work and group dynamic, and also on the success and productivity of a music group? This research analyzes the application of Belbin team role theory on three music groups consisting of Icelandic professional musicians to shed light on the possibilities of such relationships. The research examine the possibilities of relationships between team role behavior and it´s impact on the teamwork and success of the three music groups through the usage of the Belbin team role self-perception inventory and unstructured interviews. The population of interest are members of the Icelandic Musicians Union (FÌH). The research finds that Belbin´s team role theory can be applied to a music group setting through the usage of the BTRSPI test, and that the self-perceived team roles are apparent and valid. The combined data from the interviews and BTRSPI test indicates that there is a relationship between the team roles and the music groups teamwork and group dynamic.
    The research does however not find any valid correlations between the music groups team role composition and performance, but suggest that both good group dynamic and interpersonal dynamic have a positive effect on teamwork and the collective output of a music group. The research attempted to examine the impact of team roles on success and productivity, but cannot accurately measure those variables due to the subjective nature of such measurements.

  • Jan 5, 2015
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/20227

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