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  • Titill er á ensku First Language Acquisition. Learning the Meaning of Nouns
  • Bakkalár
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    The acquisition of noun meaning is one of the initial stages of language development in human infants during which infants learn to assign the appropriate concepts to word forms. Children begin their learning process with no knowledge of how to name objects which surrounds them, but just within a few years the amount of their knowledge of nouns and their meanings becomes immense. This thesis demonstrates how infants infer individual words from the continuous speech stream to which they are exposed and how they learn to assign meaning to those words, suggesting that there appear to be innate mechanisms at work in children's learning. I provide an insight into how the acquisition of nouns begins and develops in infants, and discuss which abilities children use in order to acquire meaning of nouns, The acquisition of language in blind and deaf children demonstrates that an auditory and visual experience is not a prerequisite for learning meaning of nouns. I examine the impact of of speech input to noun-learning infants and speech perceptual abilities children have developed at the very beginning of their learning. Furthermore, I discuss how children segment the continuous stream of speech in order to discover new words, and how children use various cues and strategies in learning the meaning of nouns, examining children's errors in meaning and their production of new word forms. I provide support concerning the learning of nouns with experimental studies conducted by known researchers in the field of first language acquisition, which implies that there have to be innate mechanisms behind children's systematic usage of different strategies in noun learning.

  • 14.1.2015

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