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  • Titill er á ensku Turnover intentions of preschool employees in Hafnarfjörður municipality
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    This thesis will look into the turnover intentions of preschool employees in Hafnarfjörður municipality. The main causes and consequences for employee turnover are analyzed in a literature review and a process model of the withdrawal decision will be used to look at the process an employee goes through when making the decision to leave. The working conditions within early childhood education will be looked at and the impact those working conditions have on the students as well as the conditions within the Icelandic preschools.
    A study was conducted in five preschools in Hafnarfjörður concerning employees directly involved in the education and child-care of students. The research was aimed at looking at how the common factors, that have been associated with employee turnover in previous research conducted on the issue, related to the turnover intentions of the participants. A quantitative research method was used where a questionnaire survey was printed and handed out to the participants. Participants were asked questions concerning their attitudes on several statements regarding the workplace and their job as well as their turnover intentions and reasons for those intentions.
    The results indicated that the turnover intentions of preschool employees are relatively high. Younger employees as well as unskilled employees are more likely to have turnover intentions. The main reasons for turnover intentions were the unacceptable salaries and high stress level associated with the job. This is in line with theories and previous research conducted on turnover intentions.
    Keywords: preschools, turnover intentions, early childhood education, turnover.

  • 10.2.2015

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