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Titlar 675 til 699 af 3.137
31.10.2013Early and late sternal wound infections following open heart surgerySteinn Steingrímsson 1983-
1.6.2018Eating disorder symptoms and foraging behavior: Do symptoms of eating disorders affect foraging of food related items?Auður Helgadóttir 1994-
10.6.2014Edible seaweed for taste enhancement and salt replacement by enzymatic methodsÁsta María Einarsdóttir 1983-
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7.9.2018The effect of amotosalen treatment on human platelet lysate bioactivity: Effects on proliferation and tri-lineage differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cellsChristian Christensen 1988-
30.5.2016Effect of Attentional Bias in Discrimination of Negative, Positive and Neutral Facial Expressions in Foraging TasksÁsdís Eva Ólafsdóttir 1989-
13.5.2014Effect of chitin derivatives on macrophages. The role of chitinases and chitinase-like proteinsSteinunn Guðmundsdóttir 1986-
22.6.2015The Effect of Different Electrode Design on the Electrohysterogram SignalMarta Sigrún Jóhannsdóttir 1991-
4.6.2019The effect of different extraction methods and preservation techniques on poyphenols from Taraxacum officinalis and Leontodon autumnalis and their stability under UVB-lightAnna María Trang Davíðsdóttir 1984-
5.6.2019Effect of different processing method and frozen storage on chemical properties of the various parts of the cod headAníta Elíasdóttir 1991-
30.4.2012The effect of expanding mesenchymal stem cells in media supplemented with lysate manufactured from fresh or expired platelet concentrates on chondrogenic differentiationSalóme Ingólfsdóttir 1978-
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2.6.2020The effect of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on cognitive reactivity in formerly depressed individuals: A randomized controlled trialÍris Sverrisdóttir 1993-
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1.6.2017The effect of target stimulus properties on saccadic parameters: Do size and contrast of a target stimulus affect latency and peak velocity of saccades?Bjartur Guðmundsson 1993-
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22.5.2019Effect of Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation on Spasticity, Mobility, Pain and Sleep in Community Dwelling Individuals Post-Stroke - A single case withdrawal designBelinda Chenery 1975-