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  • Titill er á ensku Isoenzyme pattern and subcellular localization of hexokinases in human breast cancer and nonpathological breast tissue.
  • Júlí 1984
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    Subcellular distribution of hexokinase (HK) isoenzymes in 22 human breast cancers (21 primary cancers and 1 axillary metastatic growth) and 7 non-pathological human mammary gland tissue samples was studied with starch gel electrophoresis on isolated cell fractions obtained by differential centrifugation. Fractions used were cytosol, mitochondria and microsomes. A comparison of two methods for detecting HK activity was made, yielding different results regarding HK II and HK III. A method based on the ability of NADPH to fluoresce in UV gave a constant pattern of HK isoenzymes. In non-pathological breast tissue, only HK I was seen, i.e. in the cytosol and the microsomal fractions. HK I was also seen in all fractions of the cancers, but another more anodal band of HK I, as well as HK II and HK III, consistently appeared in the cytosol fractions. The more commonly used staining technique with tetrazolium dye revealed HK II in 45% and HK III in 50% of the samples. The pattern of HK isoenzymes in the cancers was the same irrespective of estrogen and progesterone cytosolic receptor contents and the histology of the tumors. The fluorescence method is, therefore, much more sensitive than the tetrazolium technique for detecting HK activity after electrophoresis and could explain difference in results obtained by various laboratories.

Birtist í: 
  • International Journal of Cancer 1984, 34 (1): 63-66
  • 0020-7136
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  • 23.2.2015

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