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Titlar 315 til 339 af 1.725
2.10.2017Decision-making factors in holiday destination choice among Russian touristsZaytseva, Elena Vladimirovna, 1975-
30.5.2018Decomposition responses to climate warming and sheep grazing in the high and sub-ArcticKatrín Björnsdóttir 1991
5.6.2018Degassing-induced crystallization in subaerial and submarine glassy basaltic lavasHaldeman, Morgan R., 1993-
1.6.2012Delivery Reliability. Analysis of Make-to-order productions at Plastprent Ltd.Winrow, Patrick Karl, 1986-
3.2.2012Densification as an Objective Towards Sustainable Planning in Reykjavik. Case Study: A Redevelopment Plan for the Ellidaarvogur AreaKatrín Halldórsdóttir 1984
29.5.2015Densification of Firn on Langjökull Glacier, IcelandHulda Rós Helgadóttir 1991
18.6.2014Density of interface states at insulator/SiC interfaces.Ingi Freyr Atlason 1980
28.5.2014Design and development of EYK. A data management system for geographically distributed data sourcesBjarki Ásbjarnarson 1988
8.2.2012Design and Setup of a Sample Collection Method for a Fully Automated Microfluidic Cell Culturing SystemGunnar Sigvaldi Hilmarsson 1982
9.3.2017Design considerations and loads on open ocean fish cages South of IcelandGeir Ágústsson 1978
4.10.2012Design decision alternatives for agent-based monitoring of distributed server environmentsEinar Sveinsson 1985
20.9.2011Design of a Magnetorheological Fluid for an MR Prosthetic Knee Actuator with an Optimal GeometryKetill Heiðar Guðmundsson 1971
14.6.2018Design of Clinical Case Registry Database for Patients with Chronic WoundsAðalbjörg Guðmundsdóttir 1996
6.7.2018Design, Implementation and Analysis of a Parallel and Scalable Cascade Support Vector Machine FrameworkKveldúlfur Þrastarson 1983
6.7.2018Design, implementation, and optimization of an advanced I/O Framework for Parallel Support Vector MachinesSigurður Páll Behrend 1977
2.6.2016Designing aquaponic production systemsRagnar Ingi Danner 1991
9.10.2012Detecting Scallops in Images from an AUVEinar Óli Guðmundsson 1986
5.10.2011Detection of fouling in heat exchangersOddgeir Guðmundsson 1981
31.3.2016Detection of Fouling in Heat Exchangers using Model ComparisonOddgeir Guðmundsson 1981
18.2.2010Detection of Fouling: The Effectiveness Ratio MethodHelga Ingimundardóttir 1985
28.8.2013Determination of 1-hydroxypyrene in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) bileEl-Taliawy, Haitham, 1976-
29.5.2015Determination of groundwater flow in SW Iceland with environmental tracersCypaité, Vaiva, 1990-
4.10.2010Determination of toxic and non-toxic arsenic species in Icelandic fish mealÁsta Heiðrún E. Pétursdóttir 1984
23.5.2011Determining bone types in X-ray imagesHermann Jens Ingjaldsson 1978
31.5.2017A deterministic method for finding first order saddle points starting from a minimumKatrín Blöndal 1994