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May 5, 2009Assessing English Learning in Iceland. A Study of Assessment Methods Used in Icelandic Primary and Secondary SchoolsBirna Margrét Arnþórsdóttir 1961
Apr 30, 2014Cooperative Learning in Foreign Language Teaching: A Study of the Use of Group Work in Language Studies in Icelandic Secondary SchoolsKristjana Hrönn Árnadóttir 1987
Sep 4, 2013Daisy stundum talar íslensku: Sagnfærsla í vesturíslenskuElma Óladóttir 1976
Apr 29, 2015Developing Cosmopolitan Capital: Gaining Cosmopolitan Capital Through Study AbroadSólrún H. Guðmundsdóttir 1988
May 5, 2015Dyslexia and Academic Success. What enables dyslexic students to advance to higher education?Einar Kristinn Þorsteinsson 1987
Jan 28, 2010Early L2 English Teaching in Iceland. A literature review of possible L2 effects on L1 early literacy developmentJóna Katrín Hilmarsdóttir 1982
Sep 12, 2014English in Adult EducationOstrowska, Katarzyna, 1985-
Jun 5, 2009English Proficiency of Icelandic and Immigrant ChildrenMaltseva, Elena, 1977-
Apr 24, 2012English Reading Comprehension of 9th Grade Students in IcelandÓlöf Hildur Egilsdóttir 1961
May 6, 2016English Words in Context. An Unexpected Voyage: A Reading AdventureJenný Berglind Rúnarsdóttir 1966
Sep 5, 2013Explicit Teaching of Academic Vocabulary in EFL: Preparing Icelandic students for education at university levelMaría Pétursdóttir 1973
Sep 7, 2016Focus on Form: Deductive versus inductive techniques in teaching EnglishÁsdís Björnsdóttir 1980
Jan 15, 2015Genre Based Pedagogy. The Use of Literature in EFL Education at Upper Primary and Secondary Level in IcelandJóna Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir 1967
May 5, 2014Learner Autonomy in Distance Learning: A Connection between Perceived Learner Autonomy and Academic Achievement in Distance Learning at the University of IcelandTheodór Aldar Tómasson 1978
May 25, 2009Love as a Commodity: Brand-Name Romantic Fiction and its Readers. The Domain and Readership of Harlequin Enterprises, Both in Iceland and AbroadHelena María Smáradóttir 1983
May 4, 2015Oral Language Development in the Language Classroom: An Action Research ExperimentLoftur Árni Björgvinsson 1983
May 6, 2016Teachers’ Expectations in Iceland and JapanSvava Sigurjónsdóttir 1986
Feb 1, 2009Teaching Literature in the Tenth Grade. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels as an Introduction to Classic English LiteratureValgerður Guðrún Bjarkadóttir 1979
May 6, 2016Turning the English Classroom on its Head. An exploration on the Flipped Approach in the Icelandic EFL classroomKristján Sigurðsson 1989
Oct 10, 2008Written Feedback in English Foreign Language Writing Instruction: A Study of Teacher Feedback in 8th and 10th Grades of the Primary School in IcelandSteinlaug Sigríður Bjarnadóttir 1953
Dec 19, 2016“But then there is still something, you know, of course, natural for one to speak Icelandic, it is my mother tongue”: Icelandic lyricists’ identity and language choiceIðunn Andersen 1982