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Titlar 1 til 25 af 105
1.1.2008A CFD and experimental investigation of under-ventilated compartment firesGuigay, Georges
14.4.2011Advanced Automatic Techniques for Image AnalysisTroglio, Giulia
5.5.2015Advanced Spectral and Spatial Techniques for Hyperspectral Image Analysis and ClassificationFalco, Nicola, 1983-
25.8.2015Aðgreining vistgerða þorsks við ÍslandHlynur Bárðarson 1982-
22.6.2016ALICE: Analysis & Learning Iterative Consecutive ExecutionsHelga Ingimundardóttir 1985-
1.7.2013Automobility of Novice Drivers in Iceland: Socialities, Individuation and SpacingsCollin-Lange, Virgile , 1983-
11.8.2016Breeding ecology of the Common Eider (Somateria mollissima) in Breiðafjörður, West IcelandÞórður Örn Kristjánsson 1981-
9.6.2016Calculations of carbon dioxide electroreduction to hydrocarbons and alcoholsHussain, Javed, 1983-
30.8.2013Cathelicidin antimicrobial peptides in cod and salmonBroekman, Daniela C., 1980-
2.6.2015Cavity-photon controlled electron transport through quantum dots and waveguide systemsAbdullah, Nzar Rauf, 1983-
8.6.2016Characteristics and geological origin of earthquakes and tremor at Katla (S-Iceland)Sgattoni, Giulia, 1986-
22.10.2014Characterization of soil aggregation and soil organic matter in European agricultural soilsLehtinen, Taru, 1981-
7.1.2015Complex cell shape: Molecular mechanisms of tracheal terminal cell development in Drosophila melanogasterSara Sigurbjörnsdóttir 1984-
7.9.2015Computationally efficient Bayesian statistical modeling and inference for latent Gaussian models with an application to spatial extremesÓli Páll Geirsson 1985-
18.8.2016The Concept of Landslag: Meanings and Value for Nature ConservationEdda Ruth Hlín Waage 1969-
8.7.2016Constraints on deformation processes in Iceland from space geodesy: seasonal load variations, plate spreading, volcanoes and geothermal fieldsDrouin, Vincent, 1989-
25.8.2015Constraint-based modeling of host-microbe and microbe-microbe metabolic interactions in the human gutHeinken, Almut Katrin, 1980-
2.8.2011Contemporary issues in earthquake engineering research: processing of accelerometric data, modelling of inelastic structural response, and quantification of near-fault effectsRupakhety, Rajesh
13.4.2011Crustal deformation from geodetic techniques: Earthquakes and plate movements in the South Iceland Seismic ZoneDecriem, Judicael
20.9.2011Design of a Magnetorheological Fluid for an MR Prosthetic Knee Actuator with an Optimal GeometryKetill Heiðar Guðmundsson 1971-
31.3.2016Detection of Fouling in Heat Exchangers using Model ComparisonOddgeir Guðmundsson 1981-
14.4.2015Development and testing of an open learning environment to enhance statistics and mathematics educationAnna Helga Jónsdóttir 1979-
13.12.2011Disc Formulas in Complex AnalysisBenedikt Steinar Magnússon 1981-
19.6.2013Distance measurements using pulsed EPR: Noncovalently bound nitroxide and trityl spin labelsGunnar Widtfeldt Reginsson 1976-
18.4.2016Distinctive characters of Nostoc genomes in cyanolichensGagunashvili, Andrey N., 1981-