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  • A Tale of a Twelve Step Fellowship: Gamblers Anonymous in Denmark
  • Meistara
  • In 2004 an empowerment project was implemented in order to aid GA in Denmark, at that time a very small twelve step fellowship. The problems encountered raised few interesting questions; the aim of this qualitative research project is to answer some of them. In order to do so the history of GA is presented, the relationship between GA and AA is explored, and the programme of the twelve step fellowships is explained. A focus is put on the active part GA and AA have played in the medicalization of society, and interesting organisational features of the fellowships are discussed. In-depth interviews with enculturated members of GA are used in order to answer questions such as: Why do some gamblers prefer to use AA rather than GA? How is GA different from AA, even if the organisational features are the same? The answers seem to indicate that GA in Denmark is at present unable to provide all the help and structure that AA is capable of. The members interviewed seem to think that GA should try to emulate AA more e.g. put more emphasis on spirituality and “the programme,” but worry that this might alienate gamblers seeking help. Spirituality in this instance seems to have more to do with willingness to do service work than with religion. Something in the process of gambling seems to make pathological gamblers less interested in service work (helping others) and more self reliant (grandiose)
    than alcoholics.

  • Vantar forsíðu og titilsíðu
  • 1.4.2009

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