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  • Titill er á ensku Exploring the Unfamiliar: On Writing Eyes of Darkness
  • Bakkalár
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    This project pertains to the field of creative writing, and is comprised of two sections. The first section is a novella, Eyes of Darkness, (approx. 17,000 words). The second section is an exposition (approx. 3,400 words) detailing the writing process from the story’s conception all the way to its completion.
    Eyes of Darkness is the story of Dr. Ethan Abrams, a psychologist who has hit rock bottom after losing his job at a mental institution on account of his alcohol addiction. Having lost his wife years before, and being estranged from his daughter, he lives alone in a house he is about to lose to debt collectors. One day he is approached by William Azel, who is willing to pay handsomely for therapy. Intrigued by this man and his money Ethan agrees to the therapy, leading him to a journey of hope and redemption. William’s mysterious condition, however, is worsening and neither doctor nor patient know just volatile their relationship truly is.
    The exposition offers a detailed analysis of the various aspects associated to the writing process. It explains how the idea for the story was conceived and the transformation it went through to become Eyes of Darkness. Additionally, it provides insight into my sources of inspiration, the construction of the plot, and the development of the story. Furthermore, sources and methods of research, relating to psychology and creative theory, are listed, all of which are used to create characters that readers can sympathize with, setting that is easily envisioned, and atmosphere that is conveyed to the reader. In addition to these factors, the exposition presents information about why the characters do what they do and why the setting has an effective sway over their development. To top it all off, symbolism is discussed in connection to various themes and events within the story to explore its meaning.

  • 8.5.2015

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