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  • Titill er á ensku Dan/Sha/Ri : get rid of your bother and free up your life
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    A cluttered room is indicative of a symptomatic phenomenon within our modern society: with excessive consumption, information overload and procrastination. Clutter is a result of the imbalance between our shopping items and storage spaces, while most cluttering people don’t realize that the main problem arises from their over possession or over purchasing products for their house, but it is not a reflection on their organizational skills. The different personalities and characteristics of people often lead to a different result, in regard to clutter. The existing furniture is most suitable for people who will organize their space using their own initiative. However, clutter people have different personal thoughts and behavior, which affect their actions. I wanted to focus on clutter population, who are generally ignored in this particular area of study. This project emphasizes the importance of circulation within a given or select space. The result is that a number of concept furniture designs might be based as a hypothesis, which postulates a possible solution to the problem of discarding unnecessary items; therefore, allowing for a clean and tidy room.

  • 23.6.2015

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