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  • Titill er á ensku Hugarflug playful workshops
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    The purpose of this research is to answer the question of what elements a playful workshop in kite-making ideally should consist of if its aim is to not only improve the children's creative confidence but also their sense of social inclusion. This has been done through a combined process of writing and reading about the phenomenon of play and creative methods stemming from Design Thinking as developed by Charles Burnette as well as through facilitating a workshop in a public elementary school as part of the teaching schedule. Illustrated workbooks aimed to communicate the elements of the activity in a precise and aesthetic manner and as a medium to collect ideas and document the design process. The findings of the workshop showed that the activity of kite making fosters creative thinking and an improved social interaction. Further improvement can be achieved through framing the workshop clearly as group activity, a more flexible and extended timeframe and clearer division of the steps of the Design Thinking process. In providing more choices for materials and tools and through a change of location outside the classroom the playful atmosphere could be enhanced. Having an event such as a kite festival as a goal might additionally increase the children’s motivation to participate, and hence their ability to see themselves as equal parts of a bigger whole.

  • 23.6.2015

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