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  • Titill er á ensku The missing conversation : exploring the possibilities of designing a democratic virtual platform that would enable users to elect people to converse with each other online.
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    Through my research I explored the design elements for a (as of yet not developed) user driven non-profit and non-partisan petition network that requests two individuals to engage in a conversation that would be broadcast online. And if it were developed, what characteristics and structure should the interface have in order to be informative, user-friendly and inviting to use?
    I see the conversation network that I want to create as an alternative platform to the highly focused interview structure of media today. This kind of platform does not exist today, and I think it could be valuable for educational, political, and entertainment purposes.
    I looked into the differences in structure between ordinary and media conversations, to clarify what I see as the value in simply talking together. I looked into the structures of existing broadcast media and user based networks, to map the interest and possibility individuals have to influence media, and to investigate how the conversation network could best be structured and designed. Finally I propose the mechanics and design of the network based on this research and with the aid of graphics and drawings.

  • 23.6.2015

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