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  • Titill er á ensku Am I a fluxus artist?
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    Fluxus was a movement that emerged in the late 1950s and is comprised of a group of artists with different backgrounds; writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, etc., who made events and exhibitions together. This essay is an exploration of Fluxus with the focus point on writings by Dick Higgins and Ken Friedman. After a brief introduction to Fluxus and the history of it, I analyse and discuss works of mine; interactive performances, sculptures and installations, in connection with works by Fluxus artists, like Joseph Beuys and Alison Knowles, as well as more contemporary artists, like Elin Wikström, Thomas Hirschhorn, and Ragnar Kjartansson. The works are discussed in relationship to the life and art dichotomy, and the artist's communication with the world of non-art. In connection with my sculptural work, Stick Lisa, I talk about art as a metaphor for life, and how artworks can visualise otherwise invisible structures in society. I look at ideologies and manifestos of two other avant-garde movements, Dadaism and Futurism, and compare them with the ideas behind Fluxus. I also explain the new term, metamodernism, and connect it with the Fluxus concept of using many different media, intermedia. In conclusion, based on the writings by Dick Higgins and Ken Friedman, I put together a test for myself to calculate whether I can call myself a Fluxus artist or not.

  • 24.6.2015

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