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  • Titill er á ensku Comparison of biomechanical characteristics of freestyle start in period of pre tapering and tapering
  • Bakkalár
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    Every swimming race begins with the start, and during that phase of the race swimmers are moving with highest velocities. The research consists of videotaping start performances during the period of pre tapering and tapering, analysis of video material and statistical analysis of biomechanical data. Goal of the research was to test the influence of tapering on the starting performance and give answer to the questions if there is significant improvement in 9m time and what is the magnitude of the improvement. Total of 8 swimmers of both genders took a part in the research and 17 biomechanical parameters were tested. Biomechanical data obtained by videotaping was statistically compared to give answers to the questions what biomechanical parameters are changing and what remain unchanged with tapering, what sub phases of the swimming start are changing with tapering and which one can contribute the most for the start improvement. The research has shown significant 9m time improvement calculated as percentage from test 1 to test 2, with mean for improvement of 2,79 ± 1,03%. Although block phase variables showed similar improvement, there was no significant improvement in flight and water phase variables. Coaches and athletes have to focus on all the sub phases of the start because only combination of efficient actions on the block, during the flight, under the water and transitions from one sub phase to another will give the best possible results.
    Key words: swimming, swimming start, tapering, biomechanical analysis

  • 19.8.2015

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