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  • Titill er á ensku The International Legal Framework relating to Water with an emphasis on Sustainable Development and the Millennium Development Goals
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    This thesis analyzes the international legal framework relating to water. As population growth and climate change are increasing the pressure put on global water resources, water protection and management is of paramount importance for life on earth. Water management and sustainable development are notions fundamentally intertwined. Target 7C of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals embodies the fact that water is essential for human development and environmental sustainability. The international legal framework relating to water management focused for most of its history on allocation issues and use of transboundary water resources. Only recently, international instruments have addressed water conservation and protection issues. As it is today, the international legal framework relating to water establishes global standards of protection and sets common procedural requirements that help better manage the resource. But these minimal standards are basic and need to be further implemented by states or regional organizations to protect in practice water resources.
    Furthermore, water plays a great role in other types of crisis. Namely, the intensification of extreme weather events, such as droughts, affects significantly some region of the world and the stability of their political institutions. International water law by developing a framework of minimum standards that help better manage water resources contributes to build global peace and security. In a word, the need for stronger water governance is now well acknowledged but the adoption and implementation of effective and global legal instruments is still a major issue.

  • 25.8.2015

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