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  • Titill er á ensku Standardizing and Adapting the Marketing Mix for Cintamani in China
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    China´s apparel market is in its opening stage and will remain one of the fastest growing markets in the world in the coming years. Multinational company who wants to enter the Chinese market need to be aware of the cultural difference as well as different consumer preference. The Icelandic company Cintamani was choosen for this study. The aim of this study is to investigate the Chinese consumer preference for outdoor apparel, the main factors that influence the purchasing decision. In the end there will come a conclusion of where to use standardization, adaptation or a combination of both strategies in Cintamani´s marketing mix. Participants of the study were 572 randomly selected Chinese online voluntaries of both male and female who were born after 1950. T-test and ANOVA were conducted to examine the difference between age and gender groups. The main result indicates that quality is the most important attribute to today´s Chinese consumer when it comes to outdoor apparel. Friend/Family Review results also seems to be the factor that most influence consumer´s purchasing decision. The researcher has come to a conclusion that in the short run, Cintamani can choose standardization strategy for its Product and Place, and adaptation strategy for Price and Promotion. But in the long run, it is recommended that Cintamani choses standardization and adaptation strategy for its Product, and adaptation strategy for rest of its marketing mix components.

  • 27.8.2015

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