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  • Titill er á ensku Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Europe: Obstacles, Threats and Opportunities
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    This thesis tries to answer the questions related to what Chinese companies should do to improve their success factor when conducting Foreign Direct Investment in Europe. This thesis proposes that Chinese companies are being pushed immaturely into Outward Foreign Direct Investment as well as receiving fair amount of suspicion when doing so; that the biggest reason for their success in merger and acquisitions is prior synergies, trust and interconnectedness; and finally for them to run a successful cross-border firm, they would need to bridge the cultural gap between Chinese and European employees and to choose an appropriate management style. The research study was conducted with a Two Round Delphi study, where a panel of eight experts on Chinese outward investments were asked series of open-ended questions to test the propositions and formulate recommendations. This thesis concludes that Chinese companies should be more cautious when conducting Foreign Direct Investment in Europe and should engage in proper due diligence beforehand. Furthermore, this thesis finds that Chinese companies could improve their image in Europe by engaging in more public relations campaigns, especially by utilizing the media to educate the public on their investment intentions. Additionally, if a Chinese firm is looking to acquire a European company, it should have prior synergies and trust with its European partner to have a better chance at success. Lastly this thesis concludes that Chinese companies that want to operate in Europe, should either maintain the same corporate culture and system in the European company, or have a mixed culture management style.
    Keywords: Chinese, MNE, FDI, Europe, Delphi Study

  • 27.8.2015

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