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  • Ignorant or Instinctive? Images of African Mothers in Academia and Media
  • Bakkalár
  • Images and stereotypes seem to be the one and same phenomenon and they are used repeatedly in both media and academia. This thesis examines images of African women and mothers in academia and media. The goal is to see how their images are portrayed in both places. This will be accomplished by carrying out a literature research on academic literature as well as close reading of Icelandic news paper articles, gathered from one online database of the newspaper Morgunblaðið. In academic literature, women are sometimes portrayed as victims although representations of the hard-working, efficient women can also be found. The literature sometimes links women to marriage and the domestic sphere and some resources discuss mothers’ stoicism during childbirth. Overall, motherhood is represented in the academic texts dealing with Africa as something glorious and something that gives women higher status. In the media, health related discussions are most common and women’s victimization is often described. In most cases, the same articles also focused on them being hard-working and therefore conclusions are made that similar themes can be found in the media as well as in the literature.

  • 27.4.2009

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