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  • Titill er á ensku The mindful project manager
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  • The goal of this thesis is to bridge the gap between the topics of: a) Leadership competences as a success factor in project management, b) The benefits of mindfulness meditation in the context of management and leadership. A literature review of both topics is presented. The convergence point of these two topics is then analyzed in order to shed light on if and how mindfulness meditation practice of project managers could potentially enhance key leadership competences for project managers and thereby influence the success of projects. Based on literature analysis I theorize that mindfulness training can be of potentially high significance in developing and enhancing self-awareness, interpersonal sensitivity, motivational and influential capabilities and the conscientiousness of project managers, all of which are highly correlated with project success. Furthermore it may potentially (perhaps indirectly) influence managerial competencies, especially ones ability to efficiently engage in communication, a critical competency for project success. I conclude that mindfulness meditation is something project managers should be encouraged to practice as there is a clear association between the benefits of mindfulness and key leadership competences for project success. I however warn against seeing mindfulness as a cure-all solution or a super-method for developing super-leaders but rather as a relatively simple method that can be used supplementary alongside education and general leadership training.

  • 8.9.2015

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