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  • is Counting trumps: The language of the card game Bridge and its status as a variety of English
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    The focus of this essay is on the concept of jargons, with emphasis on the jargon of bridge. I discuss the concept of jargons in general, referring to several examples from various jargons such as poker jargon, football jargon and basketball jargon, before moving on to the jargon of bridge, where, among other material, I demonstrate and explain many bridge jargon words and phrases such as Yarborough, doubleton, hand hog, etc. However, in the first part of this essay I present a brief overview of several other language varieties. I discuss social dialects in addition to considering the concepts of the language varieties of registers and styles. I include these varieties, in addition to jargons, to establish the fundamental difference between varieties based on the “characteristics of the user” (Bell 1976:27), such the varieties based on social class, ethnicity, age and gender, and the varieties based upon the “use” or situational context, such as registers, styles and jargons (Bell 1976:27). The discussion of other language varieties also reveals that jargons are distinctive from the other varieties, which assists us in categorizing them as jargons. Consequently, we can more easily study the sociolinguistic features of the jargon of bridge.

  • Apr 28, 2009
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/2292

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