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  • Titill er á ensku Strategic and competitive analysis of Vodafone Faroe Islands : which strategy would be most optimal for Vodafon Faroe Island, to achive highest competitiveness, growth and profitability?
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    During the last many decades, there has only been one tele communication supplier on the market in the Faroe Islands. This is a company, which is own 100% of the state and has by law had a monopoly in the Faroes tele market until 1998.
    In 1999, a tele communication company called Kall was founded as a direct effect of the change of the regulations on the telecom market in the Faroe Islands that made it easier to enter and compete in the tele industry. Kall has had huge challenges since it was founded. It was up against a giant market leader. Kall tried to get customers by using the discount strategy and set out to target young customers and female customers. In 2007, Vodafone Island saw an opportunity to enter the Faroese market and bought 100% of the shares in Kall.
    Vodafone Faroe Islands was the new company that was going to change the strategy compared to Kall.
    Vodafone is a premium brand, so Vodafone was rebranded from being a discount product and service player, to a high end brand.
    In this thesis the author is going to do a strategic analysis, by looking into micro and macro environment, in order to see and analyze the current strategy.
    By the end of the thesis, the author is going to come to a conclusion on the current strategy and make recommendation to possible changes or back up the currant strategies.

  • 21.9.2015

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