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Thesis (Bachelor's)

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  • Combined automatic system to treat grey water and rainwater
  • Bachelor's
  • During research for the final project idea, some water treatment solutions were found. Throughout time of analysis, it was clear that this field has still many opportunities for improvement. One of an upgrade idea is presented in this document. It combines two
    systems: rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling in one setup. In addition, gravity feeding is provided to decrease pump´s wear. It was in high importance to find the best filtration method. According to literature and research reports, membrane bioreactor treatment for greywater was chosen. After contact with manufacturers of the membrane filtrations modules, the C-MEM cartridge filter was selected. Based on specifications for the filter and water usage in the house, a decision over the proper hardware selection was made. When all of the equipment had been known the control system was designed. By making a prototype of the setup on the bread board, main functions could be checked, for example the main process or cleaning of the filter. Every part of the hardware was indicated by diodes or potentiometer, also text with information was displayed on a LCD screen. System was designed and it fully meets requirements. Chosen filtration system based on C-MEM cartridge, provides better water quality than expectations from standards. Control system fully connects both of water recycling systems and it is energy efficient. The price of the system is competitive compared to other suppliers in Polish market. Unfortunately, 200 liters of water decrease yearly bills of water of approximately 587 zloty, which means that
    investment pays off after 30 years. The same system in Germany will pay off after 12 years, so there is an opportunity to sell this equipment.

  • Oct 22, 2015
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/23142

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