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  • Titill er á ensku If we build it, will they come? Online Sales Presence of a Medical Device Company Selling Directly to End-Users
  • Meistara
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    Online sale is on the rise and many companies are trying to figure out a way to sell their products online. The online sales channel is however not suitable for every product and every company. Companies need to understand their customers and the online channel. It isn’t enough to open up an online store and hope for the best. The first part of this research sheds light on the online sales environment and explains why some customers want to shop online. The second part of the research introduces the medical device manufacturer Össur, which is in the stage of entering the online retail market. Strategic analyses are performed to better understand Össur’s situation and a conclusion of key factors that need to be in order for the market entry to become successful. This is a qualitative research and was conducted by interviewing eight Össur employees with the purpose to elucidate how Össur can form a successful online retail strategy. The conclusion of the qualitative research and the strategic analysis indicate that there is a considerable lack of human competencies in terms of carrying out an online strategy successfully. At the same time there is an absence of an online strategy as well as insufficient follow up on projects. The research findings also reveal that some of Össur’s competitors have their own online store as well as sell online through third-party sellers. The research further indicates that Össur’s product range is sufficient to compete in the market place. Össur needs to acquire competent people in this field and take advantage of the growing online market.

  • 5.1.2016

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