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  • Titill er á ensku Online Shopping and the Natural Environment: Exploring the Intersection of Consumer Behavior and Environmental Impact
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    The aim of this thesis is to explore the intersection of consumer behavior and the environmental impact of electronic commerce. The intention is to inform the reader of the current impacts of consumption and online shopping while contributing to the opportunity for more sustainable individual online shopping practices in the future. Relatively recent literature was compiled and synthesized to form a literature review. The research method outlined a goal of identifying central issues and integrating them across subject areas, with a focus on research findings, practices and applications. Three research questions were formulated to guide the organization of literature, focusing on the environmental impacts of the electronic commerce supply chain, the environmental behavior of the consumer, and what opportunity for sustainability online shopping presented. Background information on electronic commerce, consumption and environmental degradation, and green consumption practices is provided. A major commonality across studies of varying fields that attempted to identify the environmental differences between online and in-store shopping is the number of caveats inherent in determining which has a more harmful impact to the environment. Often, a key factor is consumer behavior, and as such individual action is necessary in a shift towards more sustainable practices.

  • 11.1.2016

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