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  • Titill er á ensku “You’re hired!” Do Americans want a business savvy President in 2016?
  • Bakkalár
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    The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is underway and business real estate tycoon Donald Trump is running as the Republican nominee elect; however “The Donald” is an unlikely candidate as he is not the expected career politician and is better known as the host for the hit TV shows “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” as well for his personal tabloid life. The purpose of this thesis is to gain an in depth understanding of exactly how Donald Trump fits into this role and how the American public is receiving his candidacy. Furthermore based on Trump’s other successes and failures with his businesses, is there a strong likelihood that he has what it takes as a business man and entrepreneurial spirit to re-amp the U.S. economy as well steer the country into greatness? In order to gain the in depth knowledge required for this thesis a quantitative descriptive methodology will be utilized by reviewing current poll standings, literature and interviews, political plan statements, and celebrity and personal discourse throughout the years to see if there is substance to back up his business leader persona that supposedly equates to a political and/or presidential career. The purpose of this thesis is to gain an understanding of what is the main drive behind what seems as an orchestrated clown show or circus if you may of Trump’s candidacy and on whether or not there is substance behind it as we see it.
    KEYWORDS: (Donald Trump, 2016, President, Election, Republican, Nominee)

  • 9.2.2016

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