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13.6.2022Ofbeldi í nánum samböndum og tengsl við sálræna líðan og svefn: Niðurstöður úr Áfallasögu kvennaLinda Guðmundsdóttir 1992-
2.6.2022Life Cycle Emissions of Electric Vehicles in North America: Temporal Dynamics and Policy AssessmentDaniel Rasbash 1996-
1.6.2022Green Building Certifications: How well does BREEAM guide climate change impact reductions in a low-carbon built environment of IcelandWilliam Anthony Chua Reynera 1981-
31.5.2022Household food security and nutrition knowledge - barriers and enablers to food choiceBrittany Marie Repella 1987-
27.5.2022Social Foundations of Energy Development: A Wellbeing Centered AnalysisMorgan Stonecipher 1993-
24.5.2022Marine Protected Areas in Iceland, Assessment of Designation and ImplementationEveline Bünter 1985-
9.5.2022Barriers Hindering Pro-Environmental Consumption of Clothing in IcelandNouraiz Nazar 1992-
6.5.2022The Relationship Between Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Economic Growth in Iceland 1990-2018. An analysis using The Environmental Kuznets Curve, decoupling, and Granger causalityTinna Hallgrímsdóttir 1994-
4.5.2022Comparative evaluation of the economic costs of diesel fuel and electricity externalities from whale watching - Case study of IcelandZaw Myo Win 1998-
2.5.2022Nudges to Promote Sustainable Food Choices in Icelandic Grocery StoresDóra Sóldís Ásmundardóttir 1996-
27.1.2022Population index for the rock ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) in Iceland: analysis of road transect dataMatteo Ferrarini 1997-
27.1.2022Environmental and Economic Assessment of Wind Energy Utilization for Westman Islands District Heating.Kenneth Steele 1992-
27.1.2022Tracks In the snow: New automated image processing method for In-situ vertical profilingIngibjörg Björgvinsdóttir 1975-
25.1.2022Coastal plastic pollution monitoring in IcelandLaureen Burlat 1994-
5.1.2022The Namibian Hake Value Chain AnalysisEtuna Twahafifwa K.T. Haimbili 1990-
4.1.2022The Application of a Bioeconomic Model to Analyse the Jamaican Industrial Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) FisheryKimberlee Cooke-Panton 1986-
13.12.2021Local Governments and Environmental Policy in IcelandKristrún Halla Gylfadóttir 1993-
2.11.2021Implementation efforts of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A case study of private companies in Kópavogur municipalityJóhanna Björk Weisshappel 1967-
30.9.2021The Effectiveness and Potential Improvements of a Voluntary Code of Conduct for Whale-Watching in IcelandRenée Blankenstein 1991-
30.9.2021Environmental and Economic Assessment of a Battery Energy Storage System in VestmannaeyjarVincent Elijiah Merida 1995-
29.9.2021Sustainable Development in marine salmon fish farming in Iceland: Revealing key stakeholders’ perceptions of synergies, tradeoffs, and possible solutionsLouise Sara Kristin Axdorff 1992-
27.9.2021Measuring urban bird diversity in Reykjavík’s smaller green spaces.Rebecca Thompson 1988-
10.9.2021Common Characteristics of Ritual Practice in the ÍslendingasögurJames T. Hamilton 1997-
10.9.2021National certification for sustainable tourism – a need for improvements? A case study from IcelandKamila Elzbieta Rajca 1995-
10.9.2021The Nordic industrial CCS system as a large-scale superpower of negative emissionsHeidi Marie Kalvenes Aardal 1995-