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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
4.1.2022The Application of a Bioeconomic Model to Analyse the Jamaican Industrial Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) FisheryKimberlee Cooke-Panton 1986-
9.5.2018Between Kulusummiut and Qimmit: The relationship between East Greenlanders and Sled DogsAndrea Fiocca 1991-
4.5.2022Comparative evaluation of the economic costs of diesel fuel and electricity externalities from whale watching - Case study of IcelandZaw Myo Win 1998-
14.5.2018Conceptual framework based on population and electricity system exposure to heat-related hazards during heat wavesMarianne Ribes 1982-
30.5.2023Contingent Valuation of the Proposed Hólmsárvirkjun at Atley Hydropower Project: Estimating a Preservation Value for the AreaClinton Allen Cook 1976-
4.2.2019Distribution of Anthriscus sylvestris and Myrrhis odorata within open areas of Reykjavík, IcelandMervi Orvokki Luoma 1979-
12.5.2017The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employees' Motivation: A case of Orkuveita Reykjavíkur and its subsidiariesFurqan Khan 1990-
2.6.2017Effects of different smoking methods on formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ( PAHs) and physiochemical quality in smoked Atlantic mackerel products.Benjamin Aidoo 1979-
27.1.2022Environmental and Economic Assessment of Wind Energy Utilization for Westman Islands District Heating.Kenneth Steele 1992-
24.9.2018Estimating brown bear abundance in the Italian Alps with genetic-based CMR modelsNiccolò Gervasoni 1993-
31.1.2019Food waste in Reykjavik: a comparison between 2015 and 2018Andrea Maja Burgherr 1966-
1.6.2022Green Building Certifications: How well does BREEAM guide climate change impact reductions in a low-carbon built environment of IcelandWilliam Anthony Chua Reynera 1981-
2.6.2017Holistic wetland restoration: Can participatory approaches help to reach it?Victor Francisco Pajuelo Madrigal 1987-
17.5.2024Life Cycle Assessment of a Small Hydropower Plant in Iceland: A Case Study of a 9,9 MW Hydropower PlantLúna Grétudóttir 1990-
9.10.2020Loftmengun í Reykjavík og komur á sjúkrahús: Lýðgrunduð tilfella-víxlrannsóknSólveig Halldórsdóttir 1989-
24.5.2022Marine Protected Areas in Iceland, Assessment of Designation and ImplementationEveline Bünter 1985-
3.5.2023Modelling the economic costs and benefits of carbon capture and mineralization. A case study of the Carbfix site at HellisheiðiEmma Soffía Elkjær Emilsdóttir 1997-
7.6.2019Motivations and Barriers to Household Waste Sorting in ReykjavíkRomina Wulf 1989-
1.6.2017A novel approach to estimate carbon loss from drained peatlands in IcelandGunnhildur Eva G. Gunnarsdóttir 1993-
28.9.2022Perceptions of The Built Environment as Disabling or Enabling of Low Carbon Lifestyles: Case study of IcelandHulda Einarsdóttir 1987-
3.10.2018The Relationship Between Tourism and the Marine Environment: A Case Study of Eyjafjördur, IcelandHaley Elizabeth Aumiller 1991-
23.1.2018Rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) in Breiðafjörður, Iceland: Effects of environmental factors on biomass and plant heightLilja Gunnarsdóttir 1990-
6.1.2017Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility in the Container Shipping Industry: A Case Study of the Triple E as part of Maersk's Sustainability StrategyMauricio Andrés Latapí Agudelo 1986-
27.1.2022Tracks In the snow: New automated image processing method for In-situ vertical profilingIngibjörg Björgvinsdóttir 1975-
19.5.2023Transition towards co-management of protected areas in the Hindu Kush-Karakoram-Himalaya region: An analysis of the governance system of Central Karakoram National Park, PakistanAhmed Nawaz 1982-