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  • Words of AM 173 c 4to: A philological analysis
  • The manuscript fragment AM 173 c 4to, containing 9 leaves of the Kristinna laga þáttr Grágásar and 1 leaf of Kristinréttur Árna Biskups was dated by Kr. Kålund in 1886 to the mid 14th century (1330-1370). Kålund also identified the hand in AM 173 c 4to as main hand in Möðruvallabók, which is likewise dated to 1330-1370. The dearth of any scientific linguistic analysis of AM 173 c 4to presents an opportunity to examine Kålund's dating by way of an independent analysis. In this thesis, I will perform such an analysis in the interest of vindicating, narrowing, or contesting the date 1330-1370.
    To reach this goal, I have transcribed a original XML facsimile and diplomatic transcriptions of the first 7 leaves (1r-7v) of AM 174 c 4to. This transcription is used in conjunction with a digital edition with various functions for the compiling of philological data. This data is subsequently used in statistics-based analyses of both orthographic and phonological features. Furthermore, statistics found in Andrea de Leeuw van Weenen´s A Grammar of Möðruvallabók are compared with the certain results to contribute evidence to the claim that they are written in the same hand. I do not, however, make any assertions on this matter.
    Based on the above analyses, I argue that there is legitimate evidence to conservatively narrow the date from 1330-1370, to 1330-1360. While the majority of evidence points to a dating prior to the second half of the 14th century, there are a sufficient amount of features characteristic of post-1350 scribal practice to maintain the possibility that the fragment may have been written soon after 1350.

  • May 10, 2016
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/24380

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