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  • Titill er á ensku Japan's Educational System. A Few Main Points and Recent Changes in the Educational System
  • Bakkalár
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    Any educational system has its advantages and disadvantages; the Japanese system is one that aims for equality between its students. However this thesis will look at whether or not these statements are true, and see where the system is fair compared to where it is not.
    Japanese education and efficiency has become more known in the last few decades. This essay aims to look at the Japanese educational system and it’s more recent changes. It will look at the educational reforms and see the cause for concern from critics. The different levels of education vary from elementary school to university. Looking at the different levels of school, seeing where the pressure of academic success is most likely to happen. Opportunities available for people of all ages and see when Japanese people hit the job market will be explored. It will look at the costs of education; see the inequality between children based on their parent’s economic background. These are things that might be clear to people who live in Japan, but as an outsider there may be some things that are new or interesting when it comes to how the Japanese educational system is structured.

  • 10.5.2016

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