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  • Titill er á ensku Designing Devanagari type : the effect of technological restrictions on current practice
  • Bakkalár
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    This thesis explores the current process of designing typefaces for Devanagari, a script used to write several languages in India and Nepal. The typographical needs of the script have been insufficiently met through history and many Devanagari typefaces are poorly designed. As the various printing technologies available through the centuries have had drastic effects on the design of Devanagari, the thesis begins with an exploration of the printing history of the script. Through this exploration it is possible to understand which design elements constitute the script, and which ones are simply legacies of older technologies. Following the historic overview, the character set and unique behavior of the script is introduced. The typographical anatomy is analyzed, while pointing out specific design elements of the script. Although recent years has seen a rise of interest on the subject of Devanagari type design, literature on the topic remains sparse. This thesis references books and articles from a wide scope, relying heavily on the works of Fiona Ross and her extensive research on non-Latin typography. To gain insight into the current type design process, an interview with a contemporary Devanagari type designer was conducted by the author. It is concluded that since the revolution of digital type design, the Devanagari script finally has the technology available to meet its typographical needs. The importance of research-based design is a constant throughout the thesis and with the combination of intensive research and the available technology of the digital age, designers will be able to produce high-quality Devanagari typefaces.

  • 20.6.2016

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