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  • Titill er á ensku "Colour realities and the effects on the human psyche.."
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An artistic / philosophical (even scientific) research paper exploring the perceptional undertows and universal possibilities in human sensory influences. With focus on the visual stimulations that surround us in everyday life (in this case colour), explore now a realm you must first perceive in order to penetrate. With determined discrimination directed towards human existential / psychological awareness / conductivity, this paper passionately promotes primal progression. As a strong tool for me to translate my ideas / artistic being to the general public (as well as to alternative audience groups), the relevance of colour stimuli in my work is irreplaceable. It is my belief that this consideration for perception and state of mind is paramount in the meaning of arts logic / identity. All my focus and self development is wrapped up in each piece I create (whether written or other), one by one they build up my identity. Now presenting a written confession of the inner workings of my speculations / mentality, I hope for this document to be as honest as it is educational. Great forces are at work to disrupt and dominate our conscious states, let us work together to ensure our mental liberation / justification. Yes, this being the course this essay is directed, I will stay persistent and push forward.. Our journey awaits..

  • 23.6.2016

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