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  • Titill er á ensku Attempting the embrace
  • Meistara
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    To my eyes, when I look at a stone, a visual analogy occurs. I see similarities with the texture of flesh, raw flesh. I can’t explain it, it just happens, I recognize an in-between texture. My favorite definition of analogy is by Michel Foucault, it is «a tension never calmed between the two sides of an abyssal valley» which provides «a wonderful fight of ressemblances». Since I started to see analogies between flesh and stones I never cease to find a way to make the two textures merge together, to create a world of my own based on reality. By transgressing differences, being able to extrapolate, I find a coherency. The body as a landscape and the landscape as a body.
    It is all about poetry.
    Inside our bodies there is no light, everything lives in darkness. For me, getting inside the human body is just the same as entering into an unknown cave, you need to have the same desire, the same courage and determination. You might get lost, all your landmarks are confused, you don’t know if your body is going to be hurt ... you become an explorer.
    Inside your body you discover your organs, all slimy and colourful, shapeless. They are all very disgusting right ? They are abject, the very sight of them makes you feel nauseated. Let’s not even talk about your intestines and the making of our excrements ... Abject objects are repulsive and there is no way we want them to be part of our lives even though we can’t escape from them. Abjection is denying the very process of living.
    A stone or a mountain is not abject, they are shapeless indeed but beautiful, respectable, not like a spit or a pancreas.
    Both organic and mineral objects are natural.
    I confront these two natural kinds of objects and at the same time they tend to merge together.
    Let’s go on a great journey through our mouth, expressive volcano, deep inside the inner kingdom to the outer encompassing landscape. Let’s enter in the ABJECT we are made of, let’s merge with shapelessness, let’s dive into the flow of the blood river and get carried away.

  • 27.6.2016

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