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  • I was knot thinking, then nothing's changed : or the story of a youth who went forth to (un)learn what fear was
  • Master's
  • People often look up when they’re thinking, or narrow their eyes as if focusing on something in the distance. ‘Thinking’ is very often tied to ‘seeing’. ‘I see’ is what you say when you understand something. ‘I see’ is what I said when I focused on nothing – ‘finally,’ I said, ‘finally I see something.’
    In that sense, stumbling upon ‘something’ while focusing on another thing became a repetitive pattern in my practise I try to welcome instead of avoiding it. The result is becoming more connected to the world around me as opposed to living in the illusive place of mainly thoughts. Often I felt heavy but when I focused on nothing I could lift off easily, as if I had all of a sudden lost imaginary ballast. Nothing has changed and become something concrete to work with.
    I realised how profoundly the system of language and symbols controls my perception. I deconstruct it, and intentionally misunderstand it, welcoming flips of the tongue and other linguistic accidents. I let different languages and meanings meet, and thereby discern between the tool and the trap that the world of language and thought can be. Deconstructing language can be mind and sense opening. It shows the limits of our linguistic world and the immense indescribable, unknown and empty space between the lines with which we interact.
    In my thesis I describe the process of how I work and also of how I don’t – a journey of becoming, which leads to my MA project called 'Nothing happens', a video of a performance projected in a floating box.

  • Jun 27, 2016
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/25464

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