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  • Titill er á ensku Conversation with information : the ecological approach to information design
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    In this information era, graphic design method seems to be a limited tool to describe the dynamically changing world. In this essay I discuss our relationship with information and how it transformed from the physical to the digital environment, paralleled with the development of graphic design method. My work aims to arrive at an explicit understanding about both subjects: information and graphic design. It proposes a new way of thinking about how visual language can help us understand the information environment better. To do this I invoke James Gibson’s theoretical work and its bottom up approach in order to picture solutions for graphic design to meet human information needs in the digital environment. My project examines humans in their information environments and how graphic designers can use emerging methods in visual communication, such as generative design, to interpret a fundamental source of information, the database. My approach uses cognitive scientific research findings to understand human perception in physical and digital environments and explores how to make visual interplay more adapted to our ecosystem and thereby generate understanding for a new age.

  • 28.6.2016

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