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  • Titill er á ensku Reykjavik Soundscape
  • Júní 2016
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    The aim of my project is to explore the connections between sound and perception
    through the decoding of physics rules, cultural aspects, and parameters contained
    within sound.
    This research is about looking for something in a focused and systematic way, to create new knowledge through active social experimentation and also interpretation of new sound sensations.
    The Reykjavik Soundscape is a board game created in order to help designers to
    come up with ideas. It is a tool designed to understand and transform the city soundscape.
    This project explores listening to “noise” to develop a new attitude to understanding
    sounds and music in order to arrive at a new way of thinking that helps the
    listeners understand the shapes of sound through analytic investigation.
    This approach can help designers, city planners, architects, understand how sounds
    are created, inviting them to play together, to create their own “city landscape” in a
    big musical ensemble. When people play all together, it is possible to compose a story using sound and memory in cooperation, to connect to one another and to have a sense of ownership of space due to the sound they create. The storytelling is a great way to understand how the single unit can be part of a larger composition.

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  • 28.6.2016

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