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  • Risk mutualization against marine pollution : a socio-environmental study in the Ria de Vigo, NW Spain
  • Master's
  • The Ria de Vigo, northwest Spain, is blessed with prospering marine and maritime industries. To ensure business continuity, a complex sampling network monitors water quality for pollutants and algal biotoxins.
    This study examines risk to business operations across the Ria de Vigo resulting from chronic and accidental pollution. Wastewater treatment facilities have been overwhelmed by urban and industrial growth over the past century. This chronic pollution is exacerbated by the permanent risk of oil spilled from ships navigating the busy Finisterre Corridor. However, visible pollution has decreased in recent years thanks to upgraded infrastructure and improved enforcement.
    Based on risk perception and mitigation measures elicited from private and public sector interviewees, this study evaluates willingness of business operators in the Ria de Vigo to create a mutual insurance society against the risk of marine pollution by pooling third party (liability) and first party (income loss) premiums. Peer monitoring was identified as an important emergent property of this insurance mechanism. The research concludes that in the Ria de Vigo, low member recruitment may prevent risk mutualization from shoring up environmental protection.

  • Description is in Icelandic Verkefnið er unnið við Háskólasetur Vestfjarða
  • Jun 28, 2016
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/25482

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