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  • Titill er á ensku Reanimating Bach : connecting visuals and musical interpretation
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    There is a great need within classical music today to make an effort to connect to new audiences. Only then can the profession survive in a changing world. In my search for innovation within my practice as a performing musician and while reconnecting with my past as a visual artist I created Fantasy on Sarabanda. It was an attempt to become a more complete artist by embracing previously separated talents and disciplines of mine.
    I started out researching the different historical approaches to combining visual material and music. I then experimented with various different media before arriving at claymation .
    In my search for the right music, J. S. Bach was a natural choice given his interpretative freedom.
    Fantasy on Sarabanda is a visual fantasy in claymation on the movement Sarabanda from J. S. Bach's D-minor partita for solo violin. The piece is a video of an animated sculpture which interprets the expressions in the music like in a ballet, pantomime or a silent film. The piece itself has been successful enough to be screened in a competition of animated short films at an international animation film festival.
    While making the video I assumed the role of director, animator, cinematographer, choreographer, editor and musician. The whole process of creating the film was incredibly time consuming and demanding but also extremely educational and enlightening. To have had a glimpse into all these different roles is very eye opening and makes me want to work with people in different fields of the arts in the future. I also feel like I have developed insight into other roles and discovered different sides of the dice when it comes to musical performances and performance production in general.
    This whole journey, the research behind it and how I deepened my knowledge of early music as a performing musician, has empowered me and brought me closer to becoming the 360° artist I aimed for in the beginning.

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  • 28.6.2016

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