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  • Titill er á ensku Service quality, national differences, and shopping behaviour at airport commercial area : the case of Keflavik International Airport
  • Meistara
  • As the airport industry is becoming more competitive airports are under increased pressure to increase their non-aeronautical revenues. Airports are thus focusing more and more on service quality and customer satisfaction, in order to differentiate themselves and attract more passengers, to increase commercial revenues and gain a competitive advantage. However, a deeper understanding of how passengers of different national cultures perceive airport service quality is needed, as well as a deeper understanding of what factors influence shopping. The purpose of this study is threefold. First to determine which service quality factors have an effect on overall satisfaction, both with food and beverage, and duty-free offering. Second, to examine whether national culture has an effect on the perception of service quality, by examining the nationalities of the four largest national groups at Keflavik Airport: Germany, the UK, Iceland, and the US. And third, to examine travellers’ expenditure levels and shopping behaviour, as well as to explore the determinants of both food and beverage, and duty-free expenditure. Data from an extensive survey carried out at Keflavik International Airport was used. Using descriptive statistics, ANOVA, and multiple regression, the study finds that the service quality dimensions that have an effect on overall satisfaction with both food and beverage, and duty-free offering, are a good selection of restaurants/shops and products, as well as offering value for money and a high-speed service. The study also finds differences in the perceptions of service quality of food and beverage offering, between travellers from the UK, Iceland, and the US, while it does not find much difference between nationalities regarding the duty-free offering. Furthermore, the results show that different factors affect expenditure levels of both food and beverage, and duty-free items. The study emphasizes the need to take national differences into account when improving service quality, and provides recommendations and actions that can assist airport managers’ strategic and marketing activities. The paper adds to the much-needed research on airport service quality of commercial areas, shopping behaviour and differences according to nationalities in service evaluations at airports.

  • 6.7.2016

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