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  • Titill er á ensku Effects of content on Google ad success : the case of Icelandair
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    The purpose of the following study is to create a framework helping Icelandair determining the types of ads and content their Google Ads should possess in order to maximize their effect and efficiency. This company was chosen as a support for multiple reasons. Firstly, Icelandair is a successful and growing company, in the need of insights in order to compete more fiercely in the airline industry. Then, their search marketing strategy has been aimed at achieving presence on all media, but they want to change it into a real proactive marketing tool. The study is conducted using data from the Icelandair French AdWords account. Ads running and unchanged over the period of the 1st of September 2015 to the 1st of April 2016 are gathered and analyzed (128 ads). The analysis allows to categorize the ads. The ads present different levels of “branding”, ranged between low, medium and high; and different levels of “promotion”, ranged between none, low and high. This determines the relation between branding, promotion, and the success of an ad. The ads are also categorized by their content, such as the presence of “questions”, the presence of “numbers”, and the presence of a “call to action”. A regression analysis is then used to determine the relation between those factors and the success of a Google ad, measured with its “Click-through-rate”. The results of the study indicate a positive relation between the level of branding and the success of an ad. The same goes for the call to action. Results are more mixed when it comes to promotion. When all together, promotional ads analyzed seem to have a negative relation with ad success, and when taken aside, it revealed that the presence of numbers in promotion oriented ads had a positive relation with its success. However, the presence of questions didn’t affect the success of ads. The reason for the negative relation between promotion oriented ads and their success seemed to be that they were set in a more competitive environment than branding oriented ads.

  • 7.7.2016

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