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  • Titill er á ensku You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink : what can the project leader learn from horse trainers?
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  • Útdráttur er á óskilgreindu tungumáli

    This paper explores what the project leader can learn from horse trainers. The research sought after the experience and knowledge of four Master horse trainers from the training association of the Icelandic horse. The research was qualitative and the interviews lead to the results being mapped into themes which were: utmost trust, empathetic approach, clear communication, playful project, powerful reward, enabling initiative, individual character and continuous learning. The field of research was wide and difficult to reach a common conclusions. The main findings indicate that horse trainers develop, through their work, a skill set that is proven to be an asset effective in leadership. These skills include empathy and communication, in this case communication with an animal of different ethology or what can be compared to cross cultural communication. It is in this area that the author believes that project leaders can learn from projecting experience of the horse trainers onto the project that they are leading.

  • 4.8.2016

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